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Trophy Elk

You will be hunting in the Bighorn Mountains in North Central Wyoming. These mountains have a rich history of producing big bull elk! The number 3 typical all time scoring 441 6/8 was killed in these mountains over a century ago, and in 1993 a bull was killed a few miles from where we hunt that scored 415 2/8 and ranks number 24 for non-typical. Our hunts take place on private ranches with exclusive hunting rights. These ranches have the same excellent trophy potential as the rest of the Bighorn mountains.

Trophy Elk

Past elk hunters with D&D Outfitters have experienced great success. In Twelve years of operation, only a few hunters have gone home empty handed.  The majority of past hunters have killed 6 point bulls in the first day or two of their hunt. One thing we have noticed is that most hunters have a hard time passing up smaller bulls to connect with one of the real giants we often see. We did have a hunter take a 365 inch typical bull in 2005. This hunter had killed two bulls previously with us and they were lesser 6 points.

The terrain we hunt is quite open with deep sage valleys turning into timbered rocky canyons. We usually set up close to cover but where we can see across to other hot spots. We have stormed across vast canyons to shoot 5 x 5 bulls and we have taken a 342 inch bull from the truck. The guides at D&D outfitters love to hunt for big bulls, but we also believe hunts can’t be measured by a score. We in fact many times take a nap in the midday heat or have a cup of coffee to fight the cold, and don’t appear aggressive enough to some and this is by choice. We don’t really like to push our elk, but rather to intercept them on their own terms.  Hunts are conducted out of pick-ups. We take short hikes to good vantage points, and almost any hunter can handle these hunts.

These are the glory days of elk hunting. Don’t miss your chance at a trophy Wyoming bull. Choose D&D outfitters and hunt with professional, experienced guides on private ranches in a premier area. We can help you through any aspect of your hunt, but I would suggest to any hunter reading this to start building preference points in Wyoming. Drawing a tag for these hunts is a little tough. Most hunters will have to build points for two or three years to draw. Remember though, Wyoming’s system still draws 25% of all tags in a lottery, so even a first time applicant has some chance.

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